Frog songs

The tree frogs are just croaking and croaking tonight. I haven’t actually seen any of them, but they’re making a LOT of noise. If it weren’t so hot, I’d open my windows so I could listen to them … but it’s just warm enough and humid enough that we really need the a/c on, so I guess I’ll have to skip the amphibian concert this evening.

Funny moment: As I was standing in the parking lot tonight after church, shooting the bull with Brad and Heels, a ladybug landed in my hair. I caught it and handed it to Brad, who laughed as he put it on the tree next to him. (If you’re just tuning in, Brad is the guy who jumped up in the middle of church one Wednesday night to rescue a ladybug that had gotten in, so we have kind of a running joke about ladybugs now.)

Too bad he was out of town last week, when a starling somehow got into the building and went flying all around above our heads until the First Reader paused the service for a few minutes so some guys could get a ladder and catch it. We have these interior shutters, and the guys managed to corner the bird between a shutter and a window for long enough to climb up there and rescue it. The poor little thing was scared half to death, but they got it out safely, and nobody freaked out about it, although a couple of people who were working in the nursery said they were just as glad to miss it, as they are not comfortable around birds.

I’m comfortable around birds. If I had a lot more floor space and more money than sense, I’d demonstrate that comfort level by buying myself a big ol’ hyacinth macaw. But since I don’t have the money or the room for a bird that big, I’ll just have to talk Ron into a pair of Gouldian finches instead. They’re almost as pretty, and much cheaper and quieter….



One thought on “Frog songs”

  1. I’m comfortable around birds too. Particularly pigeons. I’ve literarily grow up with pigeons. There’s always a couple or two pigeons nesting in my house.

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