I am finally — FINALLY! — finished laying out the Oklahoma Route 66 Association Trip Guide. Ron proofread it for me on his days off, and I made the corrections tonight and converted the whole thing to PDF. It’s gone fairly smoothly thus far. I hope it keeps going smoothly when I send it to the printer. Sometimes crazy technical glitches pop up at that point, and they usually involve things I don’t know how to fix.

I still have a bunch of smaller projects to do, but at this point, I think things are basically under control. I plan to pull a vanishing act this weekend. I desperately need time to rest and catch my breath. It’s been a busy, busy, busy spring, and it’s not likely to slow down a lot between now and late June, so I’m seizing this rare opportunity to spend a day or two reading, sleeping, and doing very little else.

A little part of me really wants to sneak out to Tucumcari to spend the weekend, but I am not sure what time I’ll get out of town Friday night or how far I’ll feel like traveling at that point.

I think what I might do is fill the gas tank Friday evening, point the car in whatever direction strikes my fancy, and go until the gas light comes on or I get sleepy, whichever comes first. But I probably ought to check Roadside America first to see if there’s a Muffler Man or the World’s Largest Something-Or-Other anywhere within a reasonable evening’s drive. 🙂

We’ll see where I end up.



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