Blossoms, bees, and bad dogs

There’s a purple blossom on one of the eggplants now, and the tomatoes are getting big.

The cardinal climber is growing, too. The whole garden looks pretty healthy. I just have to come up with a way to keep Songdog out of the pond. He ate one of the water hyacinths yesterday and tried to eat one today, but I caught him before he did any damage. I guess I’m going to have to put a fence around the pond, too. I’m getting tired of surrounding everything in my yard with little fences….

On an unrelated note, Ron added a super to the beehive yesterday. The girls were not very happy with him for messing with their house last night, but they seemed content today. I’m sure they’re busy filling up the new space. They seem very productive. I’m glad. I’m looking forward to eating some of that honey on toast. 🙂



One thought on “Blossoms, bees, and bad dogs”

  1. At least Song Dog is getting some roughage with your water hyacinths…I dropped the butter dish the other night and in like one-and-a-half seconds, Dezi had eaten an entire stick of butter and was looking up at me, waiting for more. Disgusting. We were getting really greasy kissies the rest of the night. Plus, he licked the window with that butter-tongue, so now I get to spend my weekend cleaning the living room glass…Gross!!

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