Tortoise and hares


Songdog found this little guy in the rosebed today. Cute, isn’t he?

My friend Terriann and I did the Aquarium Run this morning. It’s a half-marathon that goes mostly along the river. It was a pretty morning for a run — a little warm at the end, but not terrible, and I always enjoy running along the river. Plus we got cool T-shirts with clownfish on them and buy-one-get-one-free passes to the Oklahoma Aquarium, which I absolutely love.

There were all sorts of pretty wildflowers blooming this morning — prickly pear, rudbeckia, and something with screaming fuchsia blossoms that looked sort of like portulaca.

Ron and I spent the afternoon buying pepper plants, which hopefully we will have time to put in the garden tomorrow, and then Terriann and her mom and I spent this evening at the Food Bank with our local Prin Club, helping sort stuff from the food drive that the post office did this morning.

I’m ready for a nap now, but it was a good day.

Hope you found interesting ways to spend your Saturday.



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