New Sheriff in town


The first toy based on the Sheriff of Radiator Springs (from the upcoming Pixar movie Cars) has come in at Toys R Us. I bought one for us and one for Michael and Suzanne. You should have seen Suzanne’s face when I gave theirs to her. I’d have paid ten times the price of that toy just to see her eyes light up like that.

Cars toys

I also picked up a Fillmore for me; a Sally for Dawn Welch from the Rock Cafe (Dawn was the inspiration for Sally the Porsche); cups featuring Lightning McQueen, Mater and Doc Hudson for us, Michael and Suzanne, and Dawn; a package of stickers featuring Lightning, Mater, Doc, and Sally; and these weird suckers that have an LED and magnifying lens in the bottom that projects an image of Sally onto the ceiling.

I saw (but did not buy) tons of other goodies, including party favors (Lightning blowouts, little “oil cans” that squirt water, and little air-powered Lightning racecars); gift bags in three sizes (instead of regular silky nylon rope-style handles, the little one features black ribbon handles with a white dashed line down the middle to look like the road); stuffed Maters, Lightnings and Sallys that talk when you slam ’em down on a table (I cannot believe they are making a line of talking toys that does not include the Sheriff); a large talking Mater of some sort; several more Hot Wheels type cars like the ones I bought today, featuring other characters; a pair of toddler-sized surf socks with Lightning McQueen on them; and I don’t know what all else.

If I had more money and more space, I’d buy one of everything, but I don’t, so I’ll just have to control myself. 😉


Oh, P.S.: I wore heels to work today, walked two blocks in them to get from my parking space to a downtown office this afternoon, wandered around in them for an hour or so at Toys R Us, and felt just fine. Not bad for a girl who ran 26.2 miles yesterday morning. A lot of marathoners can’t even walk the day after a race. Credit my wonderful practitioner for my comfort level today. Brad, if you’re reading this … you’re awesome. 🙂

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