Trying again

OK … I tried to post pictures the other day, but a cyberglitch ate them, so here they are again:

Grace and Song

Songdog is madly in love with my sister. He spent most of the weekend attempting to attach himself to her body. I think his new life goal is to become Grace’s Siamese twin.


While Ron dug postholes for the tomato plants (I will get pictures of those ASAP), Grace and I sat out on the deck, blowing bubbles like a couple of 5-year-olds. For the record, Song is afraid of bubbles. I don’t know why. He ran and hid under the deck when he saw them.

The sage put out buds. Ron reports that it is blooming today, but I didn’t see it when I was out there, so I haven’t gotten a picture yet. I shot this the other day while Mom and Dad and Grace were in town:


Grace and I found this inchworm struggling to climb the garden fence on Friday:



Ron and I got the garden in the ground on Sunday afternoon. We’ve planted 30 tomato plants (representing at least 18 different varieties); two different kinds of beans; two kinds of cucumber; two kinds of peas; okra; zucchini; watermelons; and a wide assortment of flowers and herbs, some of which are in hanging baskets on the pergola and some of which are in the garden.

We still have to get eggplant and put it in the ground, and I have to rustle up my collard seeds. I have a few more annuals, including sunflowers, to plant, but they’ll probably have to wait until I get a hand free later this weekend.


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