I was wandering around the garden this afternoon when I looked up and saw something cute: A pair of cardinals kept flitting around behind my neighbor’s house. Something spooked them (probably the tuxedo cat who lives in the drain pipe back there), so they took off, along with a mockingbird and a couple of other birds I hadn’t noticed.

Speaking of Cardinals, my Cubbies are half a game ahead of St. Louis and half a game out of first. If they beat Cincinnati tomorrow, they’ll be in first place again.

Go Cubs!


3 thoughts on “Cardinals”

  1. Ah, yes, ’tis spring. Cubs fans once again are living in a light-headed haze about their team’s chances of finishing atop the NL Central.

    Unfortunately for Cubs fans, there is the reality of June Swoon, not to mention August and September. Sure, the Cubs won the regular-season series against the Cardinals in 2005, but what did it get them? The Cubs still finished 21 games behind the Cardinals.

  2. I Love Cardinals. My favorite bird. Saw a few up here, male and female, cavorting the other day.

    Although have to admit I was kind of thrilled about the World Series a couple years ago, with the Sox. 🙂 Grew up a Cubs fan outside of Chicago — will it ever happen?

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