Jill Carroll freed

It’s not often that something blogworthy happens at 7 a.m., but just as I stepped onto the treadmill this morning at the gym, I glanced up at the TV in front of me — which was tuned to CNN — and learned that Jill Carroll had been released.

Carroll, an Iraq correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor, was kidnapped Jan. 7. This morning, she was talking to reporters and looked healthy and calm.

Christian Scientists all over the world have been waiting, like little kids anticipating Christmas morning, to see how Love would be demonstrated in this situation. The outpouring from people of every imaginable faith and every imaginable background has been just phenomenal. Click here to read some of the messages people have been sending.

For more on the story:

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And now, for the moral of the story:

Don’t pick on a girl who works for a paper run by people for whom miracles are just another day at the office. 😉