Bombalurina (a practical cat)

My feline friend was waiting for me when I got home from church this evening.

She greeted me as I got out of the car and followed me to the door. I offered her a little bread and milk, which didn’t impress her. She politely sampled it, confirmed that the bread was stale, and then sat quietly, staring at me through the door.

Here is the difference between dogs and cats: Dogs take commands. Cats give them … in the same firm tone that humans normally reserve for dogs.

Bombalurina, as I have taken to calling her (she’s too young to be a Grizabella, and you can’t call a calico Jennyanydots), sat on the porch, sending me telepathic orders to go find a can of tuna for her. She punctuated her instructions with the occasional plaintive mew just to make sure I didn’t try to ignore her.

I found the tuna, opened it up, and put it on the porch for her. She rewarded my obedience by allowing me to pet her a little bit while she ate.

I still can’t figure out where she belongs. She doesn’t have a collar, and she doesn’t seem to have a home … but she looks healthy and doesn’t appear to be malnourished, although that could be the result of my neighbors free-feeding their cats on their front porch.

In any case, she’s a pretty little thing, with huge amber eyes and a beautiful dark calico coat. Utterly charming. As far as I’m concerned, she’s welcome to stop by for dinner whenever she wants.