Worms and weather

It’s cold out this evening. It’s been cold and gray since we got back from Austin, but we needed the rain so much that I’m not going to grumble about the cold front that brought it.

We finally got enough moisture that they lifted the burn ban. Hopefully this will help Grumpy’s Garden. Shawn couldn’t fire up her chimineas while the ban was in place. The chimineas are the mainstay of her business during the winter, and the pinon smoke billowing from them helps attract the attention of passers-by and makes the neighborhood smell like New Mexico all year.

My worm bin is thriving. The worms have zillions of babies in there — tiny things, an inch long and maybe a millimeter across, squirming and wiggling in the soft compost — and egg capsules everywhere.

Not much else going on this week. Too cold to see much activity outdoors, which is OK, because I’m too busy to spend much time out there enjoying it anyway; my boss is on vacation, and I’m trying to hold down the fort for him at work.