Wonderful surprise

We saw Willie Nelson tonight. Good show. The highlight of the evening was when Norah Jones showed up to sing “Help Me Make It Through the Night” with him. Her voice is just wonderful.

There were two opening acts. The first one was pretty good. The second one was awful — this girl came out and sang (badly) about beer and Wal-Mart while running around the stage in a trashy-looking outfit. I guess she thought she looked hot, but I thought she looked silly.

She looked doubly silly compared to Norah Jones, who just came out and sang and sounded amazing and had the whole audience spellbound.

With pipes like that, you don’t need a bustier.

Anyway, it was a good show, and it’s been a good weekend. We head home tomorrow. We’ll probably take U.S. 77 at least part of the way. I want to take a picture of some crazy-looking dome houses on 77.