Mother Roading

Rearview sunset

We spent most of Sunday afternoon on Route 66: Late lunch at the Rock Cafe in Stroud, a stop in Chandler to pick up some paperwork in the Oklahoma Route 66 Association office, and stops at the Round Barn and a nearby Southwestern gift shop in Arcadia before heading over to Western Trail Trading Post in OKC to talk to the owner about some Association business. The photo above was shot on Route 66 somewhere between Bristow and Kellyville.

A little before sunset, I caught these striking clouds just west of Stroud:

Evening sun

We stopped in Depew on the way back:

Depew at sunset

We had storms Sunday evening. (This post is late because we had the computers unplugged to protect them from lightning.) Judging from the sound of the windchimes just outside my office window, I think we might have more on the way. Good for us. We need the rain. We’re still under a burn ban, and most of Oklahoma is one big tinderbox right now.

Actually, most of the Southwest is one big tinderbox right now. Ron and I just got word that McLean, Texas — a great Route 66 town, and home of the famous Barbed Wire Museum — has been evacuated because of a big fire that is also threatening Groom (home of the famous Leaning Water Tower and a giant cross). The residents of those areas are certainly in our thoughts and prayers today.

Hope you had a beautiful weekend.


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