Hyacinths and friends


Not a great shot, because it was getting dark when I noticed them, but these are the hyacinths in my front yard.

I had an interesting day today. Songdog and I went for a jog at a park not far from here. On the way back, I met someone who has been exchanging e-mail messages with me since she found my blog. She lives not far from me and had sent me a picture of her very distinctive car.

We’d been discussing the possibility of meeting for lunch somewhere and solving all the world’s problems (or at least all of Red Fork’s problems). Lo and behold, as Song and I were coming back from the park, I looked up and saw my new friend and her husband standing next to her car in a nearby driveway.

I pulled up, rolled down the window, and introduced myself. We had a brief but very pleasant chat, during which we discovered some more things we have in common (including a fondness for old-fashioned wire fencing).

As I pulled away, I got to thinking about this strange world we live in. This woman and her husband live maybe a mile from me, yet we probably never would have met if not for this blog — the very same blog that allows me to communicate with people as far away as India and Vietnam.

There’s something very Six Degrees of Separation about the idea of meeting a sort-of neighbor through the World Wide Web, as opposed to, say, bumping into her at Crow’s Drive-In or crossing paths with her at the park.

Speaking of the park, I was proud of Songdog today. He and I have been having a disagreement about his behavior lately, and after much soul-searching about the way to deal with it, I have come to the conclusion that he just needs more attention, more training, and more love … so I am making a concerted effort to provide all three.

It seems to be paying off: While we were at the park today, several people commented on how obedient and well-mannered he was. He’s getting very good at sitting and staying on command, and he’s learning to heel better. He’s becoming an excellent running companion. I’m glad. I’d had high hopes of that when he came to us, and he is really living up to my expectations now that I’m giving him a chance to show me what he can do.


2 thoughts on “Hyacinths and friends”

  1. And how many times, do you suppose, that you and Randy were on the trail jogging at the same time? It has probably happened!

    It is a small world in which we live…

  2. Probably. That’s a short trail, and I was there a lot last summer. My rule of thumb was if it was below 85 degrees, I ran along the river; if it was between 85 and 90, I ran at Reed; and above 90, I trained on the indoor track at the gym.

    That gym membership got some use in July … but I *did* manage quite a few jogs at the park last summer.

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