Violets, false garlic, and a mystery

Native violet

I found a few native violets growing next to the house today. I love violets. Such pretty little things. When I was little, I used to pick purple violets like this one in my yard. I would take them to my grandma, whose yard was full of the blue-and-white kind. For some reason, we almost never had the blue-and-white ones in our yard, and Grandma almost never had the purple ones in her yard … even though we lived two blocks away from each other. Makes me wonder if violets are like hydrangeas, whose blossoms change color depending on the soil conditions.

I also found what appears to be false garlic (the white flowers on the right) growing next to this little yellow and green flower, which is a species I have seen all my life but have never been able to identify:


Any botanists out there? I’d love to know what the yellow flower is.

Incidentally, this site is a nice one for identifying a few Oklahoma wildflowers. I’ll add it to the links list for easy reference.