Yeah, yeah, yeah … once you feed them, you never get rid of them. Whatever. This one has been traipsing across my windshield and hanging out under the bushes in the front yard every night for weeks, and the only encouragement I ever offered her was a scratch under the chin one evening when she got brave enough to walk up and request it, so I really don’t think one can of tuna more or less is going to make much difference.

Besides … she’s awfully cute, don’t you think?

One thought on “Visitor”

  1. pocket version: three years ago. little black cat. scruffy coat, hardly any fur on his tail. looked like a rats tail with bits of fur. afraid of people. i leave food out for him. he grows a nice shinny thick coat and his tail fur fills in. 3 years later. cat, now named Fred will not have anything to do with people, but does come to back door every night looking up with giant green eyes ready for dinner. so sometimes its not just one more can. i cannot read Fred’s mind, but i get the feeling that he thinks i was sent from another planet to feed him.i’d adopt that cat in the picture in a heart best if he/she came around.

    i don’t have a web site.i just like the one i left the url for.

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