Awwww …

I was interviewing a girl today at Harwelden Mansion, and the weather was so gorgeous that we decided to sit outside and enjoy it while we talked. We were at a table next to their beautiful pond, and a little squirrel kept flitting to and fro, stopping every now and then to drink from the little waterfall that was running into the pond. Very cute.

Tons of flowering trees are in bloom. I can’t wait to go jogging on the river trail with Suzanne this Saturday and see what’s happening out there. I haven’t seen redbuds yet, but there are plenty of other trees blooming like crazy. I think I want to grow a dogwood in my yard. Maybe I can get one this spring.


2 thoughts on “Awwww …”

  1. Toni. It’s the one I started with when I set up the page. I don’t like the fact that it won’t display my tagline, but at least my page will load on my computer at work.

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