I am rejoicing today because I got a belated Valentine. I had asked Ron for poop — lots and lots of it — so I could start a compost pile for the garden. Yesterday afternoon, he hired an ol’ boy with a Troy-Bilt to come out and bust up the sod where we want to expand our garden. The guy also delivered us 10 feed sacks full of manure — five each of rabbit and chicken — to fertilize the garden.

I went out this afternoon after church and turned the pile and soaked it down. The chicken litter is awfully dry and powdery, but I think if I keep it wet and rustle up some horse manure and sawdust from a stable somewhere, the pile will heat up fine.

Hooray! Compost!


P.S.: I saw two daffodils in the big flowerpot next to the side door at church this morning.