Not a whole lot to report today. We got a tiny bit of rain this afternoon (just enough to clean off my windshield as I was driving to an assignment), and the temperature dropped into the 60s. It had topped out yesterday at 91.

I’ve seen big flocks of blackbirds in the past few days. One was flying through Red Fork this morning, moving in a big, black cloud like a swarm of fidgety bees.

My neighbor has some kind of flowering tree in bloom. I’m not sure what it is, but it has clusters of little white flowers all over it. My best guess is flowering cherry, although I didn’t get a close look at it. Whatever it is, it must be a popular species, because I saw several more blooming on the way to Sapulpa, including one in Oakhurst that was growing in front of a corrugated metal fence surrounding a junkyard. It was a striking contrast, but I was in a hurry and didn’t stop to shoot it. Maybe I’ll have time to do that this weekend.

The redbuds and dogwoods should start blooming pretty soon. I hope I can slip away to visit my parents this month or next. Route 66 through the Missouri Ozarks is stunning when the dogwoods are in bloom, and of course Giant City and Ferne Clyffe (misspelled on this link as “Fern Cliff”) will be gorgeous.