Bees and frogs

Lots of bees

This is how our bees looked while Ron was messing with their hive today. The brown spots on the front of the hive are from the liquid smoke we use to keep them from getting too agitated.

It was ridiculously warm today. It got up to 80 or something. It’s supposed to be warm tomorrow, and then on Thursday, it’s going to cool off again, and we might get storms. I hope we do. I heard frogs singing this evening on my way home from the gym. If we get rain, I might hear more frogs.

I hope they come and sing in our pond and lay eggs in there so we’ll have a pond full of polliwogs like we had when the toads bred in our yard in Belleville. I love frogs.


3 thoughts on “Bees and frogs”

  1. It got up to 76 degrees today and the froggies are singing. I have at least 10 clumps of peonies starting to peek through the ground. The first 2 jonquils were blooming when I got home at noon, so I picked them and put them in my grandmother’s Wedgewood vase. The blossoms are little and the stems too short, but they were my mom’s flowers and they look beautiful to me. I never thought I’d have any of her flowers, but here they are and I am grateful.

    On the downside, I killed an icky cave cricket in the new bathroom yesterday. I hate those hideous things. It makes me shudder to even write about them.

  2. Cave crickets are ugly, but as Margaret once said about a dead June bug she found floating in John and Earline’s pool: “It won’t eat much.”

    We had a lot of cave crickets bouncing around the driveway last summer. Given the way I used to scream and run from them in mortal terror when I was little, I think my tolerance of them in my driveway was pretty remarkable. I didn’t kill them, run from them, or even avoid the driveway.

    I still can’t believe how rational I’ve become concerning bugs.

    Wish I could go to Makanda and hear the frogs this weekend, but I’ve got a lecture in Edmond, lunch with a friend in Stroud, and a 66 Association meeting in Chandler on Saturday, so there’s no way I can sneak out of town. Maybe they’ll still be singing by the end of the month. My weekends are all booked up until then.

  3. It’s supposed to be cold this weekend with possibility of sleet and ice. I doubt that the frogs will find much to sing about. I think the rarity of their opportunities to crawl up out of the mud at this time of year just enhances the effect. All I know is that it’s just exquisite to come home after a hellish day and get out of the car and immediately hear a concert coming from Damon’s pond. Blessings. They bombard us when we’re open to them. G’night.

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