Strange sight

I was driving down 11th Street (a.k.a. Route 66) today when I encountered something I’d never seen before in Tulsa: A guinea sauntered through a construction zone and crossed the road in front of me. It went searching for snacks in a grassy area in front of the old Saratoga Motor Hotel.

I took a picture of it for work. After the photo runs (assuming we have room for it), I’ll post it here. The bird drew quite a bit of attention from passers-by. Very cute.

Not a whole lot else to report today. I spent this evening watching figure skating on TV. My heart just about broke for Irina Slutskaya when she fell — she’s been through so much, and she really wanted to win that gold medal for her mother — but Shizuka Arakawa really skated beautifully. As usual, Scott Hamilton’s commentary was wonderful. He’s always so positive; even when someone makes a mistake, he sounds sympathetic, and he always finds something positive to say about all the skaters — even the ones who mess up royally. I really enjoy listening to him.

I’ll be offline this weekend. I’m going to New Mexico for a couple of days but will undoubtedly have a memory card full of pictures to share by the time I get home.