Lee’s Feed here in Tulsa is already selling baby chicks. It’s a little early, but they had a whole flock of ’em under heat lamps today when we stopped by there during lunch. They were SOOOOOO cute … little and fuzzy and noisy. You could hear them peeping all the way out in the parking lot. I didn’t have the camera with me, or I would have taken a picture. They had yellow ones and brown ones and little light yellow ones with black stripes on them. It was a little cool for them, so they were piling up on each other and huddling up under the heat lamps for warmth.

I want some baby chicks. They had some araucanas there — that’s the kind that lays blue-green eggs — but Ron says if we get chickens, we have to get Barred Rocks, because they’ll do a better job of scratching up the soil and picking the bugs and weed seeds out of the garden before we plant stuff out there.

We’re talking about building a chicken tractor.

I want some meat rabbits, too, but Ron thinks I’ll get attached to them and won’t want to butcher them and eat them. I don’t think that’s likely to be a problem. Baby bunnies are cute, but I’ve been around too many nasty-tempered does to have any sentimental attachment to them once they get big enough to cop an attitude. Plus rabbits are among the easiest livestock to raise (especially where we live; a small lot in town really limits your options), and they produce some of the world’s best fertilizer, so even if I did turn into a sentimental sap and keep them as pets, they’d earn their keep by feeding my tomatoes. They can recycle weeds into rich fertilizer about as fast as anything out there.

Speaking of critters who produce fertilizer, I checked on my worms last night, and they are thriving. I harvested several cups of finished compost from the two drawers (I’m storing it in the bottom drawer for the time being) and found tons of what I assume are egg capsules in the bin. Hooray!


2 thoughts on “Eeeeeeeeeee!”

  1. The old lady who lived next door to us when my sister was born had chickens that Mom called Domineckers. I don’t know what the breed was, but they were black and white, almost stripey with the colors going horizontally in little narrow bands. They were pretty, but those damn things were mean to me. I couldn’t get anywhere near the fence because they would try to peck me and the rooster was just plain cantankerous. A lot like the neighbor, actually, now that I think of it. I never bothered the old bat or her birds, but she made it clear that she hated me all the same. A pox on her…not that it matters now. She was probably 60 at the time and that was in 1955.

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