5 thoughts on “Crocus”

  1. Yeah good things are found where you least expect them to be. Look at my scorecard for instance. I had never thought that it would be so good.

  2. Are they crocuses? I wish we had some of them again. I really miss the little guys.

    I was afraid the jonquils had been killed in the 3 degree temperatures we had this weekend, but they don’t look any the worse for it today. There are buds on several of the plants. It’s amazing what they can stand. The shastas have been green all winter and so have the sweet williams. I can’t wait to see what’s going on under the straw and leaves that we used to cover the euonymus cuttings and whatever that tall hedge plant is that your dad swiped from the lot next door… At least his cuttings were nice and clean removals. The city came by a few weeks later and absolutely mangled them because they sit too close to the road and were a hazard.

  3. Yep. I’d forgotten we had them in our yard (the last owner must have planted them, because I only put some in the flowerbeds, and they never bloomed for me), so they were a nice surprise.

    I’m jealous … I love shastas. I’ve got to plant some this year so they’ll come back and bloom for me next year. Daisies and sunflowers are my favorites. Daisies are cuter, but sunflowers are near-instant gratification: Plant in April and cut blossoms from 10-foot-tall stalks in June.

    With the boxelder gone from the back yard, I can plant all kinds of stuff around the pond. This is gonna be an expensive spring. I can’t drive past a nursery without stopping to buy something, and it’s only going to get worse now that I’ve got more places in the yard to plant stuff….

  4. By the Red ummm can I just call you Red? Ok so I got some new Marigolds and some of the old one’s had left their seeds and that’s starting to bloom again.

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