So much for the birds.

I put out birdseed yesterday in the hopes of attracting a few visitors, but the sleet covered it up before the birds had a chance to venture out and find it. My total for the Great Backyard Bird Count? Zero. I could hear them singing their hearts out in the trees, but I couldn’t see them.

The weather warmed up some today. Our street was pretty icy and treacherous when I left for work, but by lunchtime, things were slushy, not slippery, and the streets were mostly clear. I saw a few birds on wires (the usual flock of pigeons was hanging out above the Broken Arrow Expressway, and a lone starling was grumbling about something above the parking lot at work).

While I was running an errand downtown, I walked past a flower bed and noticed that several of the ornamental shrubs in it looked green and healthy, despite the bitter cold this weekend. The pansies in the same bed didn’t fare quite so well — their little purple heads were bowed, and their leaves sprawled on the ground in a posture of defeat. The dusty miller next to them was sagging, but it looked more sleepy than resigned.

A couple of bushes on 31st Street were covered in icicles and looked absolutely lovely. Their leaves were brown, but the ice on their branches was stunning. I didn’t get a picture, because there was nowhere to park.

We’ll see what else turns up as the snow melts.