Blankie, part 2

After a phone consultation with my mom and my sister, I ran the cloth through the washer and dryer to remove the excess dye, then pressed each piece before cutting the squares.

It takes a long time to press 30 fat quarters.

I was going to make four-inch squares, like Mom and Grace suggested, but I didn’t have any plastic for making a pattern, so I wound up using the glass from a 5×7 picture frame as a pattern instead.

I stitched together the first row.

First strip

It doesn’t look like a lot, but it took a while. I am going to make five more of these and then sew them all together to make the top of the quilt.

I like the colors. I think a little girl will like them, too. Especially the sparkly patches.


4 thoughts on “Blankie, part 2”

  1. Thanks! I made a Hobby Lobby run this evening and picked up some batting, some purple fabric for the back, and a giant embroidery hoop for when I get ready to quilt it. I forgot to get purple thread. I’ll have to do that tomorrow.

  2. Black thread would be nice. It would let you see the quilting pattern more. You can quilt it “in the ditch” or use a pattern of some sort that’s more decorative. Seagulls, maybe?

  3. I interviewed a lady at a sewing machine place yesterday who was talking about something being “strip-quilted.” I asked her what that meant. She got out some fabric and batting and showed me. She says it’s a good way for beginners to do it, so I think I might try it that way.

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