Blankie, part 3 (and a flight)

Suzanne and I went out for lunch (vegetarian tikka masala with paneer at Desi Wok … mmmmm) and then headed to the women’s show to hear FlyLady speak today.

If your house does not look like Martha lives there, then you probably need FlyLady. She’s like a subversive home ec teacher for busy people who hate housework. She tells you stuff like, “Housework done incorrectly still blesses your family,” and “Just vacuum the middle of the carpet.” She’s all about setting timers and never spending more than 15 minutes doing anything.

When I got home, I worked on the quilt some more. I now have a total of six strips like the one I made last night. I have to press them, pin them, and sew them together. I laid them out on the floor just to see how they would look. Here they are:

Quilt block strips

If I were more experienced and more patient at this, I would do something fancier, but this is the best I can do right now. I think it looks pretty good, even if it is kind of simple. My favorite quilt is one that looks sort of like this, except Mom made it out of upholstery samples. I loved it when I was little because it had a lot of soft, fuzzy patches.

I love it now because it’s really heavy and warm and keeps my gas bill down. 🙂

Maybe someday the little kid who gets this quilt will be a 30-year-old blogger, talking about how this was her favorite blankie when she was little because it had sparkly patches in it.

That would be cool.


Blankie, part 2

After a phone consultation with my mom and my sister, I ran the cloth through the washer and dryer to remove the excess dye, then pressed each piece before cutting the squares.

It takes a long time to press 30 fat quarters.

I was going to make four-inch squares, like Mom and Grace suggested, but I didn’t have any plastic for making a pattern, so I wound up using the glass from a 5×7 picture frame as a pattern instead.

I stitched together the first row.

First strip

It doesn’t look like a lot, but it took a while. I am going to make five more of these and then sew them all together to make the top of the quilt.

I like the colors. I think a little girl will like them, too. Especially the sparkly patches.