Another project

OK … I found another a good cause. Project Linus is doing a blanket drive on Feb. 18. Project Linus is the group that collects blankets to give to little kids in scary situations.

If you make a blanket to donate, you get entered in a contest to win a fancy-schmancy sewing machine that’s smarter than I am and probably worth more money than my first car.

I’m still largely incompetent with the venerable old Kenmore my mom’s friend gave me. But I might be able to make a baby quilt. We’ll see. If I win the fancy sewing machine, I will probably attempt to barter it for sewing lessons and perhaps a belt for my great-grandmother’s treadle Singer, which is currently serving as an entertainment center.

In any case, this is a primo excuse to go to Material Girls and waste money on pretty fabric I don’t need. I like Material Girls. I like pretty fabric. I like to waste money. This will be a good project.

If I get into this and discover I have exactly zero aptitude for quilting — which, frankly, I consider likely — Project Linus also offers this handy pattern for the inept, which requires opposable digits but no actual skills, patience or competence. If you can tie your shoes, you can make this thing, so you don’t have any excuse for blowing off this project.

Go make a blanket. Send me a picture of it (you can e-mail it to me at sundayjohn66 at mac dot com) and I’ll post it here so everybody can see how cool you are. Maybe you’ll win a sewing machine.


P.S.: Only one more week to pitchers and catchers camp!