Fence, etc.

The guys finally came by today to install the new fence in our back yard. I think it looks absolutely lovely. I can’t wait to start laying out the garden that will go behind it.

In the picture below, Scout was just finishing up her initial inspection of the workmanship.

Scout fence

While I was outside, I decided it was time for portraits of the kids. Here they are:

This is Scout. She is a rat terrier. Emphasis on the “rat” part. In addition to being a home security specialist, Scout is an experienced exterminator, demolition expert, and all-around holy terror. I wouldn’t wish her on my worst enemy, but I wouldn’t trade her for anything, either.

Evil One

This is Jason, our retired racing greyhound. Greyhounds are gentle, stately creatures, beautiful and sensitive and loving. They are capable of reaching speeds of 45 mph, but most of the time, they move at the same pace as your average three-toed sloth.


Songdog is our crazy collie mix. We wanted another dog. We were looking for a lap dog we could take along on road trips. Song wandered into the driveway and adopted us. So now we have a 50-pound lap dog. We think he’s mostly smooth-coated collie, but he appears to have a bit of heeler and maybe a dash of Belgian Malinois mixed in.

Song spent part of this evening doing his very best impression of those anti-drug commercials from the ’80s. You know:

This is your collie.


This is your collie on drugs.

Song on acid

Any questions?

11 thoughts on “Fence, etc.”

  1. I’m a nature lover myself, but I prefer to stay clear of dogs. I’m scared of them. I’ve had some terrifying experiences with dos as a kid and I’ve not been able to get over it.

  2. You’d hate our neighborhood. Off the top of my head, I can think of about 30 dogs, representing at least 14 different breeds, within a four-block radius of my house.

    The good thing about dogs is that they will always telegraph their intentions before they act, so you have a chance to defuse the situation. Most dog bites are caused by a miscommunication of some type between dog and human.

    If you ever decide to face down your fear of dogs, see if your local greyhound rescue group will let you hang out with somebody’s hounds. They’re big, but they’re about as quiet and docile as any dogs you’ll ever encounter … which makes them a lot less intimidating than most other breeds.

  3. So where did you find the wire fencing anyway? Got a link? We’re about ready to put up a new fence and the old-fashioned fencing would go much better with the era of our home. Oh! There’s a house a couple of blocks west of us then toward Webster that has that kind of fence. Looks new, never noticed it before. Thanks!

  4. I just have to say that i LOVE your fence, and i’d like to put one up at my house, because it reminds me of a fence in my backyard when i was a little girl. When i went on the Web sites of the fence companies you listed, i didn’t see that fence…can you tell me where the fence came from?
    thanks a lot,

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