Black gold dreams

There wasn’t much going on in the great outdoors today, unless you count the metal posts growing out of the back yard. The guys from Aaron Fence finally came out to start installing the fence to keep the dogs out of the garden. They set the posts in concrete today. I’ll post pictures once they install the wire.

I can’t wait. Once the fence is in, I can start a new thermophilic compost pile. I finally gave up on our last one, because the only thing I put in there that the dogs didn’t pull out and eat was a big bowl of tabasco peppers that spoiled before I got around to canning them.

I’m really looking forward to starting a new pile. What I think I’m going to do is rip out all the dead branches and things from last year’s garden and then kind of mentally divide the whole area into four-foot squares. I’ll turn the pile back and forth between two squares for a week, then shift it over a couple of squares the next week, and just kind of move it around like that every week until planting season. I think it will be really good for the garden if I do that, because the whole area will be fertilized with the finished compost that sifts out of the pile and the compost tea that percolates through it each time I water it.

I need to find a source for horse manure to get the pile warmed up and off to a good start. I know where I can find an endless supply of that commodity, but I don’t know if I can afford the shipping…. 😉


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