Plant update

Remember the cactus I divided and transplanted a couple of weeks ago? It’s growing and thriving. Take a look:



Just for reference, those pots are about three times the size of the one the whole cactus was in before I transplanted it.

The little bitty cactus seedlings aren’t doing so well — they don’t seem to like their new digs at all — and the sprouts in the terrarium have gotten leggy and wilted on me, but the poppy sprouts I planted in a champagne flute have gotten much bigger since the last update:

Poppy sprouts

Oh, and the worms are thriving. Fat and sassy and doing fine in the aspen shavings … although they still haven’t touched that lettuce. I don’t blame them. It’s iceberg, which isn’t my favorite, either. Maybe I should have doused it in ranch dressing to make it taste better. 😉

P.S.: It is 23 days until the Cubbies’ pitchers and catchers report to spring training.

2 thoughts on “Plant update”

  1. That would be funny. I haven’t named it yet. Perhaps I should call it Charlotte. 🙂

    You should have seen its mama. My friend Hilda started this one from a huge cactus she had in the lobby at the Blue Swallow Motel. Her cactus was about umpteen times the size of these, and it just sprawled all over the place, long spider legs everywhere. It was way cool.

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