The yard was pretty quiet today, save for a flock of sparrows in the tree next to our driveway. The starlings were out in force as well — I saw several flocks sitting on wires around town — and a couple of seagulls crossed I-44 near the river as we were heading to the grocery store this afternoon. We were hoping for rain, but it skipped us and headed south instead.

I’d had an idea I might take the dogs for a walk or go for a long run on the river trail this afternoon, but I ended up taking a nap and didn’t wake up until dusk. I’ve got to sort out my sleep schedule and come up with something workable. Evening assignments put the kibosh on my sleep-until-Ron-gets-home plan, so I’m back to square one (and five hours a night) again.

I’m so tired of being so tired all the time.

Guess I’ll get off of here and try to salvage what’s left of my weekend. If I headed out now, I could probably wrap up my painting project, or at least get a little closer. Finishing that would free me up to call my neon guy and get the rest of the torches up and running at last.


2 thoughts on “Sparrows”

  1. I’ve managed pretty well on 5 hours per night for the past 15 or 20 years. Comes from being a lark and having children who are owls. It was rough for the first 10 years or so, but now that I have the opportunity to sleep 8 hours a night if I want, my body now chooses to function on 5.

  2. I think my trouble is that I was one of your owls. I think we all get a certain number of all-nighters in our lives, and I have long since used up my share and am working on somebody else’s.

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