I just came up with a great idea. Or what I hope is a great idea.

Being a distance runner, I suck down enormous quantities of Gatorade.

Being picky, I don’t like the green kind, which you can buy in powdered form and mix up yourself to save a lot of money.

This means my recycling bin is constantly overflowing with clear plastic bottles in 32- and 64-ounce sizes.

As I emptied another bottle this afternoon, it occurred to me that all those bottles would make great terrariums. Not pretty, mind you — there’s something less than aesthetically appealing about a terrarium that has the words “Gatorade Thirst Quencher” stamped into the top of it — but still, the shape and size are good for growing plants, and I’ve got so many of them, I feel as if I ought to do something useful with them.

Meanwhile, I’se still a-thinkin’ …

In another month, it will be time to start tomato and pepper seedlings, assuming I don’t just a buy a couple of flats from The Tomato Man and call it good. If I put a handful of vermiculite and some compost in the bottoms of all my Gatorade bottles and started my seeds in there, I could give them a great boost. They’d be nice and warm, I wouldn’t have to remember to water them, and when I got ready to plant, I could just cut the bottom of the bottle out and slide the plants out. Then, if it got cold, I could use the bottles as makeshift cloches to protect the plants from frost.

Maybe I’ll start pulling Gatorade bottles out of the recycler and stashing them in the garage. Some 2x4s and small brackets would turn our south-facing windows into nice little nurseries for a few dozen Gatorade-bottle greenhouses to make my tomato plants grow.

Yeah. Gatorade-bottle gardening. I’m on it.


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