Pigeons and iggies

I forgot to mention earlier that we saw some pigeons flying around inside the old National Guard Armory in Chandler. There are holes in the roof (one of many things in need of repairs), and pigeons come in and roost in the rafters. I got a few pictures of them. They are a little fuzzy, because it was dark in there, and the ceiling is really high, but I think they’re pretty good, considering.





Here are pictures of my new worm bin. I made it out of an old plastic cabinet. I just drilled holes in the sides and bottom of the drawers for aeration and drainage, then added bedding (shredded newspaper), food (vegetable scraps), water, and redworms.

I messed up a little bit and drilled holes in the bottom drawer, so I had to put the lid off of an old plastic storage container under the bin to catch drips. The original plan was to make the bottom drawer a collector for compost tea (the liquid that percolates out of compost, which is very rich in nutrients and therefore very good for plants). Anyway, here it is:


I need to get some sawdust or something I can keep in a container on top of the composter to use as cover material/bedding. If it works like it’s supposed to, this bin will be a very nice addition to the kitchen. It’s enclosed, which will keep things neat, but the drawers make it convenient. I think more people would recycle their kitchen waste if it were as easy as putting things down the garbage disposal. Stay tuned … I’ll let you know how it works.


Here’s one of the iggies:


And here is a view of the composter in its current location. Once I get rid of my freezer (which will happen this summer, when Mom and Dad come to visit, as they are going to swap us a woodstove for the freezer), I will move things around so they look neater. But this will do for now. BTW, that object on top of the refrigerator is a box of — I swear I am not making this up — Amish microwave popcorn. I’ll let you think about that one for a minute.


I am so excited about my new worm bin! Worms worms worms worms …


2 thoughts on “Pigeons and iggies”

  1. that worm farm is such a great idea. I will have to tell our ‘waste educator’ at our local council next time she comes out … she does a talk on worm farming – but i’ve only ever heard her talk about the ‘pre-brought’ ones
    and i have to say i just LOVE that neon over the sink .. i think i need me one of those !!!!

  2. The City Farmer Web site, run by the urban agriculture program in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, has complete instructions on how to build your own worm bin. They’re not hard to make, and they’re a lot of fun.

    The neon was a Christmas present from Ron one year. I really like it. When I get the shop up and running (whenever that will be), I am going to make a “Restrooms” sign to put above the bathroom door and an “Office” sign to put above the office door.

    I thought about getting Ron an “Adult Entertainment” sign and putting it above the bedroom door for our anniversary one year, just to be a smart aleck, but for once in my life, good taste prevailed, and I scrapped that idea. I suppose I could just put a “No Vacancy” sign up there instead….

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