Berries and birdseed

I didn’t find a whole lot happening in the yard today. When I got off work, the bees were hanging around the outside of the hive and had drained the jar of sugar water Ron left for them, and the birds apparently had discovered the seed I put out for them yesterday, because it was all gone.

My neighbor’s tree, part of which extends into our yard, has lost its leaves, but there are little berries all over it. I never really noticed them before, but they’re pretty little things. I don’t know what they are. The birds must not like them. I’ve always been told that if you plant things that produce fruit, you’ll be overrun with birds, but I haven’t seen any.

That might have something to do with Red Fork’s proliferation of stray cats — two of whom were sitting in my next-door neighbor’s back yard this evening, taunting his dog.

My neighbor has this hilarious pit bull mix named Skittles who — like most of the pits I have known — seems to have more enthusiasm than intelligence.

Skittles used to have the run of her yard, but after she jumped the fence for the umpteenth time and wound up in our yard, where she joyfully plunged into the pond (and came out with her belly and hindquarters tinted a lovely shade of robin’s egg blue, thanks to the dye I added to the water to prevent algae bloom), her owner has taken to tying her up when he puts her out.

The cats apparently have figured out that she can’t reach them, because I came home from work this evening to find two of the ornery felines sitting in Skittles’ yard, safely out of her reach, staring at her with expressions of utter contempt.

Poor Skittles. No more dips in the pond, no more bounding over the fence to visit her friends, and now, to add insult to injury, she has to put up with cats invading her yard.

Those cats had better hope that cable holds….


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