Happily Grumpy

My boss let us all leave a little early today because there wasn’t much to do, so I stopped by Grumpy’s Garden on the way home to see what was going on.

I like Grumpy’s. It’s like a little bit of Old Town Albuquerque hiding out at the corner of 15th and Owasso in Tulsa. Pinon smoke billows from the chimineas outside, and the owner just carries stuff she likes — elaborate metal bubble wands, Janis Joplin coats, jars of local honey, jewelry, broomstick skirts, Burt’s Bees products, incense, sage smudges, and a spectacular assortment of stuff for the garden. In the spring, she’ll have flat after flat of every kind of flower, herb, and vegetable seedling you can imagine. If she doesn’t have it, she probably knows where to get it.

I stopped by today just to putter around and see what was growing. Not much — it’s too cold for plants — but she had a few flats of pansies that were too stubborn to die, and a big pot of parsley was hanging in there. I bought a bottle of sandalwood oil, a crazy tie-dyed patchwork batik shirt, and a long, light brown skirt that matches a shirt I’d bought there a couple of months ago to match my favorite Birkenstocks.

Ron said he was cleaning up the yard today when he heard a rooster crowing its head off somewhere to the east of us.

I don’t want a rooster, but I want some hens.

OK, that’s not really true. What I really want is a flock of Coturnix quail. And some meat rabbits. And a pony. (OK, so a Clydesdale filly is not exactly a pony. But Clydesdales are nicer than ponies, and much easier to handle.)

But I can’t really afford a horse, and if my friend Rich found out about the rabbits, he’d never speak to me again. So I’d settle for the quail.

Ron should say yes to quail. A few little birds can’t be that much trouble. I’ve heard their eggs taste good. They would help keep bugs out of the garden. And if I had little birds, I couldn’t have a cat (which I really want, and which Ron really doesn’t want), because it would eat them.

Besides, little birds are cheaper than a pony.

Maybe Ron could get me some little birds for my birthday this spring. That would be nice. I like little birds. 🙂


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