Mystery berries

Today’s project: Try to ascertain exactly what I have growing in my front yard. It’s too dark to take a picture right now, so I’ll have to wait until this weekend, but I have a pair of large evergreen bushes in my yard. They have flat leaves instead of needles. The leaves are shaped sort of like a bay leaf. This fall, they produced a prodigious amount of little white flowers, which eventually gave way to little orange berries encased in white husks. The husks have mostly disappeared at this point, leaving the little fruit.

The leaves make me think what we have are Burford hollies, but the berries look more like bittersweet. I know it can’t be bittersweet, because it’s an evergreen (bittersweet is deciduous), and the growth habit is different.

I’ll post a picture sometime in the next few days and let any botanists out there have a go at it. I suppose I could get off my duff and snip a sample to take to the extension service, but that would be too much like work.

I hope we get some rain here soon. They’ve banned fireworks at New Year’s because our recent drought has turned most of eastern Oklahoma into a giant tinderbox, but I don’t see the citizens of Red Fork honoring that ban this weekend. A good soak tonight or tomorrow would go a long way toward preventing any mishaps if someone gets carried away with the sparklers Saturday night.

Have a good evening, wherever you are. Time to slip into the kitchen and see what I can rustle up for dinner. Somebody on a forum I frequent mentioned Vegemite today, so I’m thinking supper might involve Marmite (the British knockoff of Vegemite that we get at the health-food store here in Tulsa) and tahini on toast. Too bad I don’t have any homegrown tomatoes this time of year.

Ah, well. Summer will be here eventually. In the meantime, you can start making your wish list and planning your garden here.

thinking that the best thing about winter is that it makes you appreciate summer more.