A new beginning …

If you read the title of this post and immediately conjured up an image of the cover of the January/February 1970 issue of The Mother Earth News … welcome home.

A few years ago, while living in Southern Illinois, I ran across a little publication called The Waterman and Hill-Traveler’s Companion. Created by Jim Jung — owner of the late, great Hillside Nursery in Carbondale — the almanac contained all sorts of fascinating information, including a wonderful day-by-day account of all the interesting events occurring in the forests and fields of Southern Illinois.

When my husband and I moved to west Tulsa last year, I searched in vain for a similar publication covering northeastern Oklahoma. I finally gave up and decided that I would simply have to keep my own record of what was going on in my back yard every day … my own personal little Red Fork almanac.

This is the beginning of that effort. If you feel like listening to the musings of a latter-day hippie, come on in, pour yourself a cup of Red Zinger and tell Scout to make some room on the papasan for you.

It’s 2:30 a.m. CST, and Red Fork is dark and quiet. It’s cold and clear, and as I went to let the dogs out one more time, I looked up through the pergola and saw a star twinkling so frantically I almost mistook it for a plane.

It’s a grand night for sleeping. Rest well.


2 thoughts on “A new beginning …”

  1. Let me be the first to comment then!
    Was the “star” you saw Mars which has been dominant in our skies for several weeks or perhaps Sirius or Venus?
    It looks like our Christmas will be quite mild as the very cold spell last Tuesday has been replaced with a cloudy bright spell here in East Sussex. There are plenty of pheasants roaming around the countryside and we always have many seagulls noisily asking for food.
    Our two cats, Remy Martin and Felix are presently (11.55 hours), sleeping even though they spent the whole night asleep on our bed. All our decorations are up and we will be having an early Christmas Dinner with our son, Jason, Alison and 2-year-old Matthew as they fly off to Los Angeles tomorrow to spend 4 days there (Jason is a pilot with Virgin Atlantic).
    Our Christmas Dinner proper will be here on Sunday when we have our 3 “Waifs and Strays” join us.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to meeting you next September.

  2. I wondered if I might not be looking at Mars. It certainly had a reddish cast.

    Your cats sound like they have a lot in common with my dogs. Scout used to bounce off the walls all the time, but of late, she’s picked up Jason’s habit of sleeping all the time. Songdog would rather be jumping around, but ignore him for five minutes, and you’re likely to find him stretched out on the bed (where he isn’t supposed to be), chewing on his favorite toy … so even he has learned to be quiet instead of tearing things up all the time.

    Have a great Christmas. See you on the road.


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