Christmas morning

Here are a few images from the Land of Cute, a.k.a. my mom’s living room on Christmas morning:

Hazel unwraps her new feather boa.

Ashley takes a picture as Hazel opens her presents.

As usual, an empty box proves more interesting than expensive toys.

She wore those shades all day. Note the sweet bee plate. I bought a set of those for the kids the same day I bought my purse.

Thoroughly enjoying Aunt Grace's birthday cake.

Ollie also enjoyed the cake -- with an M&Ms chaser.

Ollie does his best impression of Macaulay Culkin in the "Home Alone" movies.

Ollie and Jamie check out their new presents: Dinosaur puzzles and Fraggles.

Jamie, the man of a thousand faces, has mastered a new one: the Shatner eyebrow.

The boys decorated the Dreamcar for me before we left town.

Ollie s-t-r-e-e-e-e-e-t-c-h-e-s to reach a spot.

Hope you had a good Christmas, wherever you are.

I spent this morning enjoying one of my presents: Mom and Dad gave me some cash for Christmas, which I used to buy a new pair of running shoes. A refitting at Fleet Feet revealed what I’d begun to suspect several weeks ago: After eight years in motion-control shoes, I’ve finally quit overpronating, so it was time to switch to something a little more neutral. If the new shoes — New Balance WS870s — are as comfortable after 26.2 miles as they were after a mile and a half, I won’t have much excuse to blow off OKC this spring.

Maybe I can find time to test-drive them in New Mexico this weekend….


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2 Responses to Christmas morning

  1. Linda says:

    Love the pictures. You always seem to capture the spirit of the moment.

  2. Thanks. All those years in the newsroom had to be good for something. :)

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