Secret weapon

I just figured out how to get Riggy into his crate without having to chase him down or trick him:

Homemade kettle corn.

Who knew?


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5 Responses to Secret weapon

  1. OS says:

    Oooh. How do you make homemade kettle corn? Is it easy? You know, me not owning a giant cauldron and paddle and all . . . : )

  2. crbh says:

    Funny little buggers aren’t they.

  3. It’s just like making regular popcorn, except you add about a quarter-cup of sugar along with the popcorn and shake it about every three to five seconds to keep it from burning.

  4. OS says:

    But it’s so good! I expected it to be more complicated. Figures. :)

  5. IF it were complicated, I wouldn’t bother with it.

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