Same song, second verse

In the continuing saga of “Orion”: I have now purchased, from eBay, a copy of the sixth-grade Silver Burdett Music book — the teacher’s edition, no less — which contains the elusive “Orion.”

Next up: I’ll try to get hold of James Taylor’s people and see if I can talk him into covering it. (CAUTION: Music plays automatically when you click the link.) Judging from the interest in the song — I’m averaging a couple of hits per day from people searching for the lyrics — it would probably be worth the effort to record it.

If he’s not up for it, maybe Gordon Lightfoot could be persuaded to give it a go. That’d be cool.

No word yet on whether that record I looked at on eBay has the song on it.


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3 Responses to Same song, second verse

  1. Eric says:

    Can you transcribe and post the full lyrics? We’ve had many contributions, but it hasn’t been posted in toto, as far as I know.

  2. I could if I were sure I wouldn’t be sued for copyright infringement. When I get a hand free, I will write to the composer and try to secure permission to reprint the lyrics (and, if he’ll allow it, the music) on here.

    Otherwise, check eBay. It appears to be a common (and relatively inexpensive) item.

  3. If anybody would like to hear the song, please click here. Jim Zimmerman has kindly given me permission to post the song online for folks to enjoy.

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