Strange sight

I was driving down 11th Street (a.k.a. Route 66) today when I encountered something I’d never seen before in Tulsa: A guinea sauntered through a construction zone and crossed the road in front of me. It went searching for snacks in a grassy area in front of the old Saratoga Motor Hotel.

I took a picture of it for work. After the photo runs (assuming we have room for it), I’ll post it here. The bird drew quite a bit of attention from passers-by. Very cute.

Not a whole lot else to report today. I spent this evening watching figure skating on TV. My heart just about broke for Irina Slutskaya when she fell — she’s been through so much, and she really wanted to win that gold medal for her mother — but Shizuka Arakawa really skated beautifully. As usual, Scott Hamilton’s commentary was wonderful. He’s always so positive; even when someone makes a mistake, he sounds sympathetic, and he always finds something positive to say about all the skaters — even the ones who mess up royally. I really enjoy listening to him.

I’ll be offline this weekend. I’m going to New Mexico for a couple of days but will undoubtedly have a memory card full of pictures to share by the time I get home.


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3 Responses to Strange sight

  1. M.T. Nester says:

    Take angels on your trip. We also shall be out of town for at least part of the weekend. We will be heading north to see the Lincoln Museum at Springfield with a stop in Effingham to meet up with Lovey from the old Midwest Corkboard. We have a repaired violin to deliver to her along with a hug or two. She lost her 17 year-old son this past year in a car wreck and is still trying hard to deal with that.

  2. Just what I needed , a scare before my exams.

    Ok so the boards are only six days away and there is hysteria evrywhere I look. Kids freaking out and collpasing, articles on how to perform better in the board exams are available in newspapers on almost a daily basis. If you take time to read these a…

  3. Laura says:

    hey, thanks for your comment on my blog! and your blog looks fabulous, I look forward to exploring in more detail.


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